In our shop Bracelets-for-Watches we offer high-quality Milanais bands of Staib and SOC. In addition to the metal bands, we also have a selection of jewelry bands and writing instruments on offer.

Staib Germany

Elaborate products made of braided chains in different precious metal versions or stainless steel, which also bear the name "Milan braid" or simply "Milanaise", form the essential basis of the Staib Germany collection.

SOC Staib Asia

S.O.C., the abbreviation stands for "STAIB OSTASIEN CO.", the additional manufacturing plant in Asia by Hermann Staib. Staib has been developing products for the jewelery and watch industry in Asia for almost three decades. German innovativeness and sensitivity to quality is perfectly combined with the manufacturing power of Asia.

Jewelry Bracelets & Cufflinks

Attractive jewelry made of round braids: necklaces, bracelets, hoops and much more can be found in the Jewelry category.

Production of Milanaise bracelets

Let us show you the production of Milanaise bracelets!